quinta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2012

Trade or buy packs? There is always the money part.

I haven't forgot you lot and even less the hobby.

I got the package I posted before, the Artifacts. I did opened it and...that's all. Why?

My boss told me on Monday I might lose my job because all the cuts the government is doing.

I don't want to let my pretty blog got dirty with what I'd like to say about what's happening in Portugal right now. But I got to think I still have a chance and keep my job.

No job, no money, no hobby.

This brings to my main focus on this post.

Paying 20$ for a box with around 8 o 9 packs is ok.

What creates the whole in my pocket is the shipping cost.

If I buy something under 40€ or so, it will pass through the border without any problem. If the cost is higher than that I'll need to pay a tax which may cost the same the product I ordered.

So I only buy boxes under that value.

For that you can see I only have mainly low end products. And that's why I treasure any base card I get.

Now add the shipping cost that depends on the size and weight of the package.

This means I pay sometimes the same for the shipping as I pay for the box itself.

Now I keep every base card I get next to my heart.

I'd like to participate in trades like the ones I read about in the few blogs I follow closely.

I confess I never was great at dealing with mail.

And I don't have a post office near my house.

But I think I can order a pack of envelops and they would sent it to my address.

Next I have to find a post office to mail it.

So if you lot want to try a trade I'll figure it out a way to reach you.

I don't have vintage or big hit cards but I can help you finish your base sets.

One thing I know, I can't picture my life without this hobby.

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