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Card Chase - 1989 Topps packs 1 and 2

This is the second last post of the Card Chase box I purchased a long long time ago...

What I've saved for last is not that big. The only reason is the last is because I forgot to take pictures of the cards yet.

But before that lets see what I got in these two '89 Topps packs.

And the first thing I noticed was that I knew this pack design from somewhere else...

Ohhhhh! This year Archives had the same design!

You might found it weird I get this epiphany moments so often but remember I'm a baby on collecting baseball cards.

Now lets see the cards.

Turn Back the Clock #662 Lou Brock OF@STL - Sorry but I don't like the photo not centered. For that I prefer the more modern 'Cards Your Mom Threw Out'.

#118 Checklist 1-132 - I prefer checklists with a photo. It seems more like an extra card than this with checklist in both sides.

#10 Andre Dawson OF@CHC - HOFer card is always welcome.

#242 Ed VandeBerg P@TEX - Ed ended his career in '88 but he was lucky and also got into the '89 set.

#251 John Dopson P@MTL - I like having Expos cards just because I've never saw them playing. And Dopson did the terrific feat of  balking 4 times in one game in '89. Now I do like this card!

#294 Juan Berenguer P@MIN - Why is the 'Topps' logo on that position? It's the only one.

#311 Chris Bosio P@MIL - A no-hitter Pitcher card.

#323 Gary Thurman OF@KC - I don't know if you think the same but...Gary looks like Puff Daddy (or other name he is calling himself now) a lot! At least in this photo.

#455 Johnny Ray OF/2B@CA - Nice swing!

#488 Kevin Coffman P@ATL/CHC - I prefer having this kind of cards with the 'Trade to' line than the photoshoped ones.

#621 Rick Mahler P@ATL

#625 Eddie Murray 1B@BAL - Actually in '89 the HOFer Murray played for Dodgers. But it's nice to have a card of him with his first MLB team uniform. And what a great photo!

#645 Jack Morris P@DET - I picture Verlander like that in a few years. I had to say that!

#682 Rick Leach OF/1B@TOR - Is he looking at the aircrafts? And an other player without the 'Trade to' line but he didn't play for Toronto in '89 but for Texas.

#745 Fred McGriff 1B@TOR - Swing all the way! And in '89 McGriff won his first Silver Slugger Award.

And that merchandising card to get a Topps t-shirt. But it is collectible if you want one per colour. You got see next pack cards to understand.

#17 Brian Downing DH/OF@CA - Brian ranks #219 in the 1K RBIs list with 1,072 RBIs.

#115 Jody Davis C@CHC/ATL - It's mirror of Coffman trade.

#188 Dennis Lamp P@BOS - Lamp is better known for allowing other 2 players to get milestones: "(...) he gave up Lou Brock's 3000th hit. He also surrendered Cal Ripken Jr.'s first major-league hit"

#287 Juan Nieves P@MIL - An other no-hitter Pitcher.

#384 Mark Salas C@CWS - He almost got a WS title...but instead got to wear a Yankee uniform. Is almost the same feeling.

#410 Jack Clark DH/1B@NYY - My first Yankee. Only played for Yankees on '88 so this card should state that he is now with the Giants. Clark rank #158 on the 1K RBIs list with 1,180 RBIs.

#444 Moose Stubing MGR@CA - A manager card that serves as a team checklist.

#494 Shane Rawley P@PHI - Former Yankee and in '89 he was with the Twins.

#575 Juan Samuel 2B@PHI - Samuel spent '89 with the Phillies and the Mets.

#636 Bill Wilkinson P@SEA - I never get used to this Seattle logo and uniform.

#666 Randy St. Claire P@CIN - The evil card of doom! Not because St. Claire but because it's the 666 card in the set! Hell yeh! And in '89 he played for Minnesota.

#671 Jim Gantner 2B@MIL - One team-player.

#676 Ernie Riles 3B/SS@SF - "Riles belted the 10,000th home run in Giants history" - This got to be a special card for Giants fans.

#688 Zane Smith P@ATL - Late '80s and '90s hair.

#744 Roger Craig MGR@SF - The second manager card this time with team checklist for SF.

And other Topps t-shirt merchandising card this time with red background.

That flowing design for the player's name is cool. I miss more action photos but maybe I was unlucky with the cards I got on that department.

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