segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

Cards Database - inside look

I had little time to put much effort to my database project so be nice.

The first step is always caring about the looks. The GUI if you want.

It's probably the less trouble I'll have. Dealing with the database actions take more time to implement.

Here are 3 examples for what it stands now.

Yep... I really need to make something more appealing. But mainly this is for private use.

This way I think it's more friendly use than just having a big text file with my cards listing.

And you know. Anything that have to do with the collecting cards hobby is good to me.

Working on this makes me go through my cards and see what characteristics they have that I'd like to add to the listing. And the same with the queries to the database.

Like querying for the total number of relic cards I have or all cards where a player is pictured in a retro uniform.

I'm working on this just on my lunch break which means just an hour or so 5 days a week. Meanwhile I've stopped listing my cards both in my text file and in ZISTLE. I have received a few packs I bought on eBay, but because of this I didn't update anything.

Even the blog I lack in posting about cards.

I'll try to handle everything in a parallel way. Like in a multi-thread way.

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