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Card Chase - 1989 Donruss pack 1 and 2

I'm missing half the box packs from that Card Chase box - if you still remember.

So today's post is for '89 Donruss packs.

The packs mentioned MVP bonus cards. Lets see if I can get lucky.

I like the '89 Donruss design! Not sure if the colour scheme is the best but I think they didn't intend to match the colours with the teams colours. Because Giants or Twins have nothing to do with yellow and green.

On with the cards.

David Wells P@TOR - The Perfect-Gamer for Yankees on '98 makes me like this card. One more to add to my trending list. I think that since everybody do a top-something I might do a top with this former/will-be Yankee players.

Dick Schofield SS@CA - It's the uncle of Jayson Werth.Ohhhh...

Ozzie Virgil C@ATL - I didn't know nothing about Virgil but when searching on the web I got confused because there is a Senior and a Junior. And the card doesn't state which who it is. This is the Junior. The Senior never played for Atlanta. But Senior was the first Dominican to play in MLB.

Steve Buechele 3B@TEX

Terry Steinbach C@OAK - '89 would give Terry his only WS title. Since in '88 he was named ASG MVP. Now is a coach in Minnesota.

Tommy Herr 2B@MIN - here he's with Twins but he would be with Phillies for '89 and '90.

John Moses OF@MIN

Mike Brumley SS@SF - Played eight seasons and only got 3 homers. Seems he was more a utility player that a regular one. Now is a coach in Seattle.

Dave Meads P@HOU - I need to get used to this kind of uniforms again...And Meads only played 2 years and both with the Astros.

Don Carman P@PHI - "In a 2011 article, Carman was listed as the second-worst-hitting pitcher of all time, behind only Ron Herbel, a pitcher for the Giants in the 1960s. In 239 career plate appearances, Carman had 12 hits (all singles), two walks and 75 strikeouts."

Bob Dernier OF@PHI - After his '88 Donruss card I got his '89.

Hensley Meulens 3B@NYY - My first Yankee in the pack!

Jeff Sellers P@BOS - Here still with Boston but he would be traded to Cincinnati but an injured stopped him playing for the Reds.

Darrell Evans IF@DET

Tim Leary P@LAD - WoW Pitcher with bat is always fun to have in a card. Still even if he's just posing and not really batting. A Yankee years later between '90 and '92.

And 3 Warren Spahn puzzle pieces.

On with the second pack.

DK Andres Galarraga - Not the best but didn't scared me. One thing is for sure, even if you don't like it, this is probably one of the most well known insert sets around.

MVP Kevin Gross P@PHI - One of those 26 MVP bonus cards! Pitched a no-hitter latter in '92.

MVP Wally Joyner 1B@ATL - And another MVP card! Wow! This pack is full! Just 24 more to go.

Erik Hanson P@SEA RC

Alex Sanchez P@TOR

Jeff Musselman P@TOR - I already had his '88 Donruss card and his Upper Deck '90 card. Now I have three consecutive years cards of him.

Rob Murphy P@CIN - In '89 he is with Red Sox but here still with the Reds. I prefer the first Reds.

Floyd Bannister P@KC

Jose Lind IF@PIT - I don't want to be mean but the first time I looked at the photo I though it was a Diamond King one. There. I said it.

Scott Garrelts P@SF - My favourite photo in all two packs. Why? Don't know. And it's not me to like that much a Pitcher's photo but...when you feel it you just know. Because Scott didn't have that much to say about his career but at least he got a pretty card in '89 Donruss set.

Danny Darwin P@HOU - That pose looks like Nolan...At first I though it was Ryan.

Pedro Guerrero 1B@STL - He was considered to MVP in '89. But it seems he didn't win it. Is that synthetic grass?

Charles Hudson P@NYY - My second Yankee card! One per pack is not that bad. Here is my second favourite photo. And it's not simply because he's a Yankee. I already had his '88 Donruss card and when I check id again I thought one thing: They look like the same pitch. Could they use the same pitch for two years? They look different in motion and the angle is a bit aside but they look almost the same.

Mark Clear P@MIL

Wes Gardner P@BOS

And to end the pack 3 more puzzle pieces but this time I got to know that Warren Spahn had 363 career victories and that for 13 times he got 20 or more wins.

Note: all extra info from wikipedia.

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