terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

2009-10 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Victory

I buy and then read the reviews. I know it's dangerous! Spooky sometimes when you're a newbie and understand too late that the Opening Day set from Topps just add the OD logo to Series 1 cards.

But! None the same, I think I do all good.

It seems, after some web search, that this UD Victory set is the lower end of any ice hockey product they have. For me people think that because it doesn't have super-hyper-mega-special hit cards. But so I like base cards. And clean design cards for the matter. So I truly liked this set.

The card back has this little trivia with the way to pronounce the players name. But I would change that for having the players position. On the RC they have the position but for other players no. That's a shame.

Check the photo. Got 3 Penguins players. Weeeee...oh wait! Jordan Staal is no Pen no more. He got me on tears moving to Carolina. Marc will be next?
And just lucky me got Eric Staal insert card. The Staal brothers are all Stars of the Game for me. So I don't mind on which team they are currently playing...except for Jordan a bit.

Got Niemi RC! Woot! Got pretty mask.

But I must say this. I talked earlier about the clean design chosen for the cards. And they got me thinking of this:

Is just me that see some resemblance between the clean-white-design!?

I'll get 1 more rack pack in a few days. Will get to it then.

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