quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

Surprise on the mail

Yesterday arrived mail. It was the package with the cards I purchased and talked here (along with some NHL packs). So you can imagine my surprise when I was expecting a small box containing all of this but got a large one.

What was happening? I thought they got no other boxes to pack it so they have sent this one bigger.

Then when I opened it I got surprised for what were inside.

My European seller sent me this Yankees reusable bag. Pretty awesome!
I know it's not the ultimate bag or something and yes I've spent a lot of money buying cards from him. But I'm a sweet heart and got touched by the attentiveness of him.

Besides the fact I don't need this kind of incentives to keep buying from him. So I just got this big smile on my face.

With so much work to do I only looked carefully to the cards I bought late at night. Yep, those up in the photo. I organized them and took an other picture.

They are nice! Love having a Teixeira relic card. Even if it's from his Rangers years. And even more because the card is a mini one. It kind gets lot of cute that way.

The Yankees team card is now the oldest card I have in my collection. It's a 1974 card! The year of Freedom Revolution here.

Now I'll go open the UD NHL rack packs.

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