quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2012

2009-10 Upper Deck Victory - NHL

Got yesterday an other pack of NHL 2009-10 UD Victory. Unfortunately it was the last one the sellers had. So I put all my faith in getting a Tavares RC and/or a Sidney Crosby card on it.

As you can see from the next photo I didn't get the Tavares RC. Got 2 RC even, but no Tavares. Got Byron Bitz and Peter Regin RC. I confess that I don't know them but I'll go and search.

I got pretty happy with this pack what concerned the base cards even if the first had 3 Pens players and this only gave me one. I like Sutter card very much because I simply prefer that team uniform than the current Hurricanes one. That's nice!

I don't like Philadelphia teams. Phillies, Flyers or Eagles. Simply don't like them. But I do can see that Briere and Gagne are two very good players. That's why I got them on the photo.

As you can also see I got 2 inserts. Rick Nash for the Game Breakers (red teeth protection is jumping off his mouth!) and this beauty Sidney Crosby Stars of the Game.


He really is one of the Stars. And I hope that Winter Classic did not end his career...

But what I don't get it is...I'm not native English speaker so I do need to get to dictionary sometimes but isn't that 'transcendant' word misspell? I'll give it to you if so just because I like Crosby.

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