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2009 Topps Heritage - Yankees post

After posting about 2012 Heritage box I got lets take a look at the cards I got from a 2009 Heritage box.

I'm missing the other cards photos so I'll show only the Yankees I got and later I'll post the others..

I've always liked A.J. I think I've already stated that here in the blog before. And it was a sad day when I knew he went to Pittsburgh. Didn't have a great season last year like ht 2 before but Yankees could really use his pitching this season even more with so much DL players.

I'm note sure if this card is not photoshopped. But that's the problem with Heritage cards. Some have the aspect of being painted by some kid.

 Oh look! Got the Captain! Jeter is having such a great ending-career time that sometimes I think he will not end it soon. All Yankees fans appreciate that Derek!

My only shiny card from the box and it's an Andy Pettitte one! Who would not love it!? Was glad to have him back in the roster. But stopping for 2011 season may had him a bit rusty and might be the cause for his long DL time.
I read yesterday he will pitch soon so I'm looking for it.

(Never mind you can see me taking the picture of Pettitte's card.)

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