terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2012

2012 Topps Heritage

Got a value box for this year Heritage. One of my first Topps back-to-the-past sets.

Other thing I liked about Heritage is that cards are truly on cardboard. They tend to bend a bit but they can resist more.

The design for this year Heritage is based on the '63 cards. What I liked most about it was the card back. I like knowing players milestones besides their stats.

There are no in action photos, is more like a photo shooting session, but there are some inserts that have in action/in game photos.

It said to look for auto cards but got none. But about the blue-border parallels I got one. This Justin Jackson card above. Got his base card as well. Whenever I get in the same box the base and colored-border parallel of the same player it upsets me. If I'm collecting all set is one thing but if it's just to have some cards I prefer having the biggest player cards range possible.

Also got my first team card. Pirates are having a very good season, it already seemed better  routed to post season but lets wait a bit more.

My favorite card from the box was this one. The Bronx Bombers! But it reduces a bit the bombers because Teixeira and Granderson are missing.

Other parallel I got was this shinning Batting Leaders card. It seems a bit cartoony having only the players heads but oh well..it shines!
Other set insert are these also head-stickers. What's wrong with you people? I want the full body!
But even if I only get the heads at least I got the best Pirates player nowadays and one of my favorite Pitchers.

I liked Hank Aaron insert. I like knowing other things from players and the game besides the stats.

WoW! Got on of the few Tim Lincecum cards I own. Bad season this year an? I really don't mind because I don't care about Lincecum and even less to the Giants. They have other players I like thou.

One of the Last Chipper Jones cards during play-years.

 Got some interesting players. I like Lance Berkman because he once was a Yankee. Not quite well used during the contract but that's the problem we have. Too many good players in a small number roster possibilities.

 I truly like this Matt Dominguez RC. I think I also have his 2012 Series 1 RC.
Bloomquist is such a useful player. I like him. Better in my second favorite team the D-Backs. I come to know Dan Haren as a D-Backs Pitcher but he then went to the dark side and I only forgive him because he's such a good Pitcher.

This card is off. They cut Taylor's had off the photo but let the intruder in the photo? The man has is RC shared with more people is not that fun.

And then Reddick All-Star Rookie card. I liked him from what I saw from Boston games. But they are trading everything that moves. This is a photoshoped card. That I'm sure. Look at other Red Sox players cards and they were shoot at the same parking lot. There was no other place to shoot it anyway?

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