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Fleer Ultra 1991 - pack 4

I'm so ill it's hard to write whatever I try. So lets see if I can pull something with this opening pack 4 of 1991 Fleer Ultra.

First, I must say I'm growing more found of this set than I ever thought.
At first when seeing cards from decades ago I cannot help but compare with the current ones we have, or at least the last 5 or so years of cards.

'90s cards are not that well good looking like the ones we get now. I think there is a somehow a gap between the '90s and 2K cards. They started to be more shinny and ultra-hyper-mega designed to be purist and finest and so.

'90s cards are still a bit rough compared to the 2K cards but they are a truly improvement to '70s/'80s ones. Even if there are a lot of people turning to vintage cards nowadays. But we all know that retro is the style everywhere we go.

So, after all this talk, lets blame the fever for that, lets get going with the cards I got on this pack.

Sorry for the blurriness. Got nervous on the almost dust-is-in-the-air card of Delino DeShields. The thing is that the one making the dust go wild is not Delino. I don't know who the player is. Can get the team, San Diego Padres, but don't know him. So if someone knows his name please leave a comment. Much appreciate it.

Lets see what's next...A Yankee! Roberto Kelly a two times All-Star (one for as a Yankee) and more recently WS winner as a 1B coach with the Giants.

But what put a smile on my face was the Barry Bonds card. He was awesome! He has a handful of MLB records (info from wikipedia):
  • 762 career home runs
  • 73 home runs in a season
  • 2,558 career walks
  • 688 career intentional walks
And I don't need to go on the other many awards and highlights of his career. I'm probably the one discovering this by now.

Next, Spike Owen which was a Yankee for only one year ('93) and didn't show any relevance and was traded to Angels by a minor league player (uhhhhhhh); Jeff Russell which started as a starter (pun intended) and ended as a closer (lets 'pun' again); Jose and nothing else that matter.

Finally, for the first half cards Lee Smith. An other Yankee in the next years after '91. He was a Yankee for 8 games and did very well. The team didn't. Smith "did not allow a single run and picked up three saves and 11 strikeouts". (info from wikipedia)

Now for the second half of the pack.

Gerald Young seemed to be one of the fastest guys an the time recording 2nd in the NL in stolen bases in 1988 with 65 (info from wikipedia). Nothing else besides it since he went up and down between the majors and minors.

Alvin Davis was Rookie of the Year back in '84 and was a one-team-man. I have an other card of him that must be the worst of him. Will search and post. I think is from 1990 Upper Deck.

Rickey Henderson. Why do I get Yankees' players when they are not in the Yankees? I still cannot get why Yankees traded him back to A's. He is a HOF since 2009 with many MLB records, such as (info from wikipedia):
  • 1,406 career stolen bases
  • 2,295 career runs
  • 81 career lead-off home runs
  • 130 stolen bases, single season
The few cards I have of him I like them all. Even if he's not in a Yankee uniform.

Next is Dwight Gooden. An other 'will-be-a-Yankee-in-a-few-years-but-not-in-my-card'. He pitched a no-hitter as a Yankee in '96. Also was a WS champion three times, two of those with Yankees.

John Olerud. Also a Yankee in 2004. I think I might start a trend with all the cards of Yankees' players which I do have the cards from when they were not yet a Yankee. In this pack I already have a bunch of them!

Dwight Smith was never a Yankee. And also won a WS as a Brave back in '95.

And to end the pack a Ultra Prospects card of a Yankee Pat Kelly. He played 7 seasons for the Yankees and his great moment was when he "hit a crucial 2 run home run in the 9th inning against the Blue Jays in Toronto to cap a Yankee rally from a 3-0 deficit in the 3rd to last game of the season. Thanks to Kelly's go-ahead home run the Yankees won the game 4-3 and were able to qualify for the playoffs 2 days later." (info from wikipedia).

An other pack with great players. That will make it for the design.

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