domingo, 2 de setembro de 2012

Opening packs or trading?

I'm used from all my life with collecting stickers. Trading cards just came plus tard.
But collecting spirit is the same. Even if I find some differences from what I came to read on the web.

Since Panini stickers are all to stick on an album, we try to complete it. We don't leave some football team page without stickers on because we don't like them. If there are 300 stickers on the album we go for the 300.

What I see about sports trading cards collecters is that they collect in so many possible different ways than that. Some people collect only his/her team players, or just some years cards, or just a couple of players cards, or even only super-hyper-mega-special cards.

With stickers we don't have that possibilities. Panini usually only has 'base' stickers for the collection. On football collections we get the clubs logo as a chromo sticker sometimes, and those are more valuable when trading of course. The same goes for some players like Messi or Ronaldo. One Messi sticker can be trade for 5 'normal' players stickers. That is always subjective.

With Panini stickers we can buy packs or trade duplicates with friends but in the end Panini has the policy for collectors to apply for the missing stickers to complete the album. We may never leave a collection incomplete even if we don't trade.

I really don't see Topps doing that!

But one thing I really like about collecting is the moment of true. That moment with packs to open and trying to figure out if I'll have this or thar card when opening it. There is just that special feeling for the unkwon and the discover of some new card or that long wanted card all our friends have or that I saw so many times on the web.

Trading is about completing and getting ride of duplicates (or cards people don't like). It's something usufull and still fun to trade with friends but doesn't have the suprise moment alog with it.

So yep, I'll trade with you, but I still prefer to buy some packs and open it.

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