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Fleer Ultra 2007 - An extra pack

I purchased one of those 'Great Chase' box with a variety of packs. If the last time the box was kept at the customhouse, this time around it took no time to arrive.

Along with the box, this US seller from whom I bought a lot of stuff, sent me 2 bonus packs beside the box. One of those packs is a 2007 Fleer Ultra.

Here comes what I got...

I thought Papelbon did the right thing exiting Boston. Not by the biggest door but he was probably one of the best in the roster. It seems that he is not getting any luckier in Philadelphia. Well, even if they are reaching for the postseason I don't think they can make it. But after Cardinals last year we never know.

Uggla has these huge arms! At first glance I would not say he plays baseball but more american football.

I could not recognize Eric Chavez at first, only when I looked at the name. The photo in the card back looks more like him.
He's been such a huge help to my Yankees this final sprint to win AL East and go to playoffs that I started to like him better. Not that I didn't like him, but I would not pay much attention to him. I'm correcting this right now!

The forth card was Maddux. Who need to tell anything besides 'Maddux'? That's all said.

And last card in the pack (it says it's a 5 card pack) is some insert card. A Swing Kings card.

When I looked I saw someone in pinstripes and saw the NYY logo on the helmet so I was with this pretty smile upon my (also pretty) face.

Only when I looked at the players name - Gary Sheffield - I saw something really wicked. A Detroit Tigers logo.

Wait a minute...

I turned the card and yep...It's a Detroit card. And yet they kept the Gary photo as Yankees player! They don't even care to brush it off!

Ok. I think I'll do just fine with this.

A part from this, I really enjoyed this pack.

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