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Fleer Ultra 1991 - pack 2

I confess that I have too many packs and cards and cannot post about them all like I'd like. When a package arrive on the mail I open the packs and try to take the photos of the cards but then I take a bit to process them, aka, list them and try to post here on the blog. Maybe when I get on vacations by the end of the year I can post more often.

So lets get to pack 2 of the 6 I got from 1991 Fleer Ultra the other day.

When I pictured some blue in the sticker I thought I had a hit and got the Yankees one but oh no...it was Dodgers'.

I got one of the "Ultra Team" inserts card  which are numbered to 10. I got the Doug Drabek #3 of the insert set. If you like gold this is the thing to collect because the main set is all silver. Which I like.

Besides this insert card what I liked to see was the Ryne Sandberg card of course. His a HOF player and having one card from his player years is always good. Not that it is rather difficult since he played for 16 years. But I'm new to the hobby people!
But beside the fact of a great player card it is a great photo card. Not too HD for our current standards but I like it.

Got 2 Catchers. One in Catcher photo and other batting. Cool. Slaught even played for Yankees so I like it. Daulton being a Catcher and winning a Silver Slugger Award in 1992 is quite good.

Also found a Prospect card - can it count as a RC? - of Rich Garces which leaves me with not much to say but look I got 2 more Catchers. A pack with 4 Catchers! That's almost a Bingo line. Pagnozzi is a one-team-man and I like it. He even impressed Joe Torre to become Cardinals main Catcher. Winning 3 Gold Glove Awards (1991, 1992, 1994) must had something to do with it.

Last note to the only Yankees card I got on the pack - Jim Leyritz.
I don't quite like having a player with position 'infield'. Don't know why...
He was part of 2 WS champs teams for year 1996 and 1999. Nice.

Note: players' info came from wikipedia.

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