terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2012

Fleer Ultra 1991 - pack 1

Got some 1991 Fleer Ultra packs.

Forget about the cards design. Did it exist back then? It seems not...

Got a checklist. Yep that's always good. The photos chosen were not that bad, they are normal in action photos. The cards back had a player face photo and 2 more in action but small. Also have the 90 stats and ML totals.

Back then the stickers were a wanted thing? A lot of '80s and 90's had those. I don't mind having stickers thou.

Look! Got 2 Yankees in just one pack! It's for the time I get none or just 1 in a box!
Sax without the syndrome and Cadaret the former Teixeira #25.

It seems like the set had some kind of insert cards. Like the Cecil Fielder 'Great Performances' that bring some history/milestones to the thing instead of only stats.

Got a prospect card of Mike York and...ohhhh wait a moment! Look at his card a bit better...

Yep. He has a paperboard under his knee to keep the pants clean and shinny-white. That would be a good thing to photoshop out of the photo no!? Ahhh wait again! It's there because it gives him a lot of style! That's why he was drafted by the Yankees and never got out of the minors until playing a couple of years in Majors for Pirates and Indians before going back to minors. All makes sense now.

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