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Fleer Ultra 1991 - pack 3

So here for an other day and the third pack of 1991 Fleer Ultra. Meanwhile I got five more of it. Just open one yet but didn't have the time to look at the cards. Many many work...

So lets see what I got from the pack.

Brewers sticker. I like their retro logo. Perhaps a little childish but what is baseball than a kid playing ball with some friends?

Lets see the cards...yep a 'Ultra Team' duplicate insert card. They are 10 and I got 2 #3 Doug Drabek. I trade duplicates so if you want it I'm trading.

I looked at Al Newman's card and thought he was Ken Griffey Jr. They look much the same don't you think?

Chris Hoiles is a one-team-man. That makes me like him for start and besides that he was one of the best Catchers out there! I have a soft-spot for Catchers you know.

Both Zeile and Tartabull were Yankees for a brief time but they were not succeeded. Zeile even trash talk Yankees but oh well, cannot be perfect all the time.

The first half of cards didn't make much for me so lets see what I got in the other half...

Ok! Got 2 Yankees! That's the thing!
Don Mattingly was simply Don. Great great great. Now he's Dodgers manager but I think I can manage to forgive him. He wants to work so who am I to say that's a bad thing. He could've just chosen other team I like better but oh well, cannot be perfect all the time (again!).

And if one Yankee 1B wasn't enough I got Maas, the other 1B! Maas was drafted by Yankees in '86 and had MLB debut only on '90. 4 year waiting but started very well, setting a lot of rookie records along the 'Maas-tops' girls. After that he started to downgrade his performance and ended up released. But love the photo they chose to put on his card.

Then Galarraga. Lot of awards and even won a couple of Championships titles but no WS. He deserved at least one. But baseball is a team effort. This is card is from his Expos years and those were probably the most complicated ones for him.

And Yount? HOF in the house! Even if this is not the best photo of him...But at least is a card of his player-years. Nice!

I posted a dusty-is-in-the-air card yesterday. The Kevin Mitchel '87 Topps card. But look at other dusty card I got here for Geno Petralli.
That photographer got be eating dusty until today. Never mind this was almost in the end of his career but in this card it shows a Catcher effort to get a foul ball even going over people/stands to get it. Like it!

All of all I got pretty happy with this pack.

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