domingo, 2 de setembro de 2012

Football Cards - SLBenfica

If you noticed the blog name I'm from Europe so when I say football is the true and only football.
Other concept of that I'll just call it by name like american footbal or australian football, you get it.

Not entering some disput because of what real football is because I know I win.

Well, I saw other day at some shop these packs of football cards just beside the stickers.

There are packs for each big team in Portugal: SLBenfica, Sporting CP and FCPorto.
Each pack cost 1€ at the time but they were going to start asking for each pack 2€ which I think is trully an assault. I think each pack only brings 4 or 5 cards and for sure they don't value that much...

Each card has a player photo, his name and number. Got also that 2D bar code that after some search it is used on the cards brand site to unlock some kind of game. Like a Football Manager of FIFA online game to play with friends. But the cards allow playing offline so to say, that's why they all have those values for attack, defense and speed on the right bottom.

Seems like a great idea but the site doesn't work properly and the facebook page for Futecards are like a zoombie.
The cards back are just plane showing the brand logo and no player information. I was hopping too much I know... But besides these tiny little things I liked the concept and the photos. Got some different cards for the same player.

Also along the 2011/2012 roster for SLBenfica I got some old time players. One of the most well known worldwide is Eusébio. GO PANTERA NEGRA!

I'm waiting to see what comes this year about trading cards like these.

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